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Knee Walkers

August 16, 2011

A Knee Walker is a mobility device that makes helps patients in there mobility after foot / ankle injury or surgery. Knee walkers can be and are often is considered an alternative to crutches. Knee walkers are also sometimes called a Weil Walker, knee scooter, leg caddy.

There are a number of models out the most have turning capability as a bike or tricycle. However a few have a fixed front axle, which limits the ability to turn. While the cost of the fixed front axle is considerably less, the use is very limited and most clients end up exchanging for a turn-able model. It always was this author’s choice to recommend two great models, like the Weil Walker or Free Spirit Knee Walker. The Benefits of turn-ability will out way any increase in the cost for this option.

After your first use, you immediately notice many of the benefits of your Knee walker. One of the first benefits is safety. The knee walker will provide safety and stability while you are moving from place to place.

By resting the knee of the injured leg on the walker and using the other leg to push off from the ground, you gain the complete mobility you desire without the pain and hassle of crutches.